New York New Jersey Rail, established in 2005 and acquired by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in 2008, is a Short Line Marine Railroad operating between Greenville Yard in Jersey City, New Jersey, and 65th Street Yard in Brooklyn, New York.  NYNJR provides the only remaining carfloat service on New York Harbor, while also providing warehouse switching services in Port Jersey.  Read below for a more detailed description of each rail division.

Marine Rail Division

New York New Jersey Rail's Marine Rail Division serves as bridge route for freight rail traffic moving across the Hudson.  The current operation utilizes three Tier 4i SE10B locomotives, two at Greenville Yard, Jersey City, NJ, and one at 65th Street Yard in Brooklyn, NY (a second locomotive is also kept in Brooklyn to support transloading operations and provide redundancy).  The locomotives load up to 18 rail cars onto the carfloat, which then takes the 4-mile, 45-minute trip across the harbor.

Port Jersey Rail Division

In addition to operating the last remaining carfloat on New York Harbor, New York New Jersey Rail provides switching services to various warehouses within the Port Jersey Industrial Complex in Jersey City, New Jersey.  This division has its own dedicated locomotives, which provide daily service to a number of customers.


NYNJR has earned the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association's "Jake Award with Distinction", and prides itself on operating a complex system in a routine and safe manner.

NYNJR earned the 2016 CSX Short Line Railroad Business Award for "Highest Switch Carrier Growth".


Operating Details

Operating Plate: F

Operating Weight: 286,000 lbs.