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New York Trainmaster / Compliance Officer  (Brooklyn NY) 

Job Summary: Perform general operations and management supervisory duties of trains and represented train crews, ensure compliance obligations of employees and infrastructure with state and federal regulations, and assist the General Manager of Operations with daily operations of the railroad.  Safety is a primary consideration of all NYNJR activities, and this position will be responsible for ensuring safe operations of all trains and actions of train crews.   This position is located at NYNJR’s Brooklyn railyard and reports directly to the NYNJR Managing Director.

 The position of New York Trainmaster / Compliance Officer is responsible for:              

  • Overseeing the safe and efficient movement of trains;
  • Managing daily operations of various aspects of NYNJR’s New York facilities, including directing New York-based crews, the float facilities at 65th Street Railyard, 51st Street Railyard, Brooklyn Street Track Operations, and South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT);
  • Coordinating interchange with both New York and Atlantic Railway (NYA) and New York City Transit (NYCT);
  • Supervising and coordinating the activities of train crews in a safe manner, including switching of railcars within the yards of the railroad, storage tracks, or customer facilities to facilitate loading or unloading of cars or making up and breaking up of trains;
  • Ensuring compliance activity at both New York and New Jersey facilities, including any and all required testing and certifications needed for personnel and all necessary inspections, maintenance, and repairs for track, including all associated record keeping and tracking;
    • Compliance includes all federal/FRA and NY/NJ state requirements, including: hours of service regulations, railroad operating rules (NORAC and GCOR, as appropriate), NYNJR rules and requirements, railroad contractors, and any other rules and regulations that may be required for the safe, compliant operation of a railroad;
  • Developing and maintaining a proactive track maintenance program that ensures all track facilities are maintained at their designated FRA Class;
  • Conducting all post-accident procedures, including drug tests, investigations, reports, and discipline, if Provide an accurate, complete and timely investigation, including root cause, remedial action, and recommended solutions.


  • Minimum six (6) years’ experience in transportation operations, business operations, scheduling, or project management;
  • Minimum five (5) years’ certification 49 CFR Parts 240 and/or 242 (current or recently expired within the past two years and ability to be recertified within 6 months);
  • Ability to pass 240/242 certification/DSLE/QTO exams (and any other potential classes/exams) within 6 months of employment;
  • Knowledge of FRA testing and compliance regulations;
  • Bachelor’s degree. Demonstrated equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered with an additional four (4) years’ experience;
  • Experience working with a union labor force;
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills;
  • Strong organizational skills to manage multiple databases;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word/Excel);
  • Valid driver’s license and personal vehicle to travel to NYNJR’s NJ facilities as needed.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience in selecting, training, managing, and motivating employees;
  • Ability to work well under pressure, handle multiple tasks simultaneously and prioritize workload while adhering to deadlines;
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills with the ability to interact with all levels of management and external contacts.

Send resume to:   info@nynjr.com