New Jersey Trainmaster/Assistant Operations Manager

Reporting to the Operations Manager, the New Jersey Trainmaster/Assistant Operations Manager (NJ Trainmaster) will be responsible for daily operations of various aspects of NYNJR’s New Jersey facilities, including directing New Jersey-based crews, float facilities at Greenville Yard (Jersey City, New Jersey), and Terminal facilities on the Port Jersey Division.   The NJ Trainmaster will operate Marine Rail Bridge, as needed, to allow the loading and unloading of NYNJR’s carfloats, and perform required routine maintenance.

The NJ Trainmaster will manage the day-to-day interchange between NYNJR and its interchanging railroads.   The NJ Trainmaster will be expected to accurately process all electronic activities needed in “RailConnect” to document the movement of trains and cars; and the NJ Trainmaster may be required to take on additional duties from time to time as directed by the Operations Manager.

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